Breaking The Fast

Breaking The Fast

Breaking The Fast

In the Jewish religion a very popular day is the day after a fasting holiday such as Yom Yippur. It is called the break fast and obviously means breaking the fast.  Now put those 2 words together  and what do we have…breakfast.

You’ve been told it’s the most important meal of the day and that skipping breakfast can interfere with your weight management goals. But why is this so?

If you think of it in terms of breaking the fast it is the only time during the day that we go anywhere from 8 or more hours without food. Your body is essentially in fasting mode and if you are the person who is never hungry in the morning this is most likely why. Whether you are hungry or not, it is recommended that you eat something. I often recommend to my clients who fall into this category to eat a handful of nuts or 1 piece of toast or a handful of granola or a small piece of fruit before they leave their house. Then later in the am when they are hungry, have the rest of their breakfast (like oatmeal, yogurt with fruit and granola, eggs, etc.).

Breakfast should consist of about 25 -30% of your daily calorie intake. Remember that breakfast can be spread out throughout the morning.

In a study done earlier this year regarding exercise fasting or fed to enhance fat loss, subjects who exercised after eating burned more calories and a higher percentage of fat. It is something to consider.

There is a lot of conflicting info on how soon you must consume calories after waking for maximum benefits. My advice is the sooner you eat, the sooner you rev up that metabolism.

Make sure your breakfast include some fiber, protein, whole grains and fruits/veggies. Remember that protein can come from things other than eggs and meat such as beans, low fat (and low sodium) cottage cheese, nuts, oat bran, lentils, bulgar, yogurt, lox, low fat dairy, etc.

My easy oatmeal: I take 1/2  cup of rolled oats and mix in a spoonful or 2 of applesauce (all natural please) and add water. Once it comes to a boil I then turn it down to a simmer until it is appropriately thick. You can top with cranberries or fruit if you like. If the applesauce does not make it sweet enough, I recommend a few drizzles of agave nectar. Maple syrup or brown sugar is ok too, just keep it to a few drizzles or a sprinkle.

Be Well.

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