Really? I mean really?

Really? I mean really?

Really? I mean really?

OK, so I thought maybe we were moving away from the quick fixes and toward healthier lifestyle choices that take a bit of effort but actually work. Apparently we still believe we can rub the magic lamp and wish our weight away. Caffeine-laced pants. You can’t make this stuff up. The company Lytess lines the pants with caffeine patches and shea butter, reasoning that the skin will absorb the caffeine which will increase your metabolism. The company does not have to prove that these caffeine patches increase your metabolism. Also, the amount of caffeine that would be necessary to increase the metabolism would need to be a lot according to experts. The company doesn’t claim that the pants will help you lose weight, just inches.

“Clinical studies have shown size reduction up to -1.2” on thigh and up to -2.1” on hips after 21 days…temporarily reduces cellulite…”

Slim Capsule is a dry heat sauna getting up to 180 degrees. Your head stays out in the cool air with a fan blowing on it. It supposedly rids the body of toxins. The reality is that this can be compared to a wrestler trying to make their weight. It is water loss and as soon as you rehydrate, you will gain the weight back. It is not healthy to dehydrate your body in such a way in my opinion. It goes back to people wanting results without doing the work. Why lie there and sweat out the calories (that will quickly return) when you can sweat by actually doing something positive for your health with long lasting results?

My dear readers. Please understand that you cannot get results without putting in effort. There is no magic pill or pants. You cannot wish the weight away. Please accept the fact that you need to do the work. It doesn’t have to be torture or hours a day at a gym. I hope you know that by now! NO excuses. Get up. Get moving. Get Results. 

Be Well.

2 Responses to Really? I mean really?

  1. saidandsung says:

    Magic pants!! Now I’ve heard everything! I would love to see the ad copy for that one;p

    Thanks for the much-needed laugh this morning!


  2. Andrea says:

    I totally want magic pants.