To Greek or not To Greek

To Greek or not To Greek

To Greek or not To Greek

I have gotten a lot of questions regarding Greek yogurt vs non Greek yogurt so here is what you need to know.

Both are made by adding cultures to milk. The difference is that Greek yogurt is strained to remove the liquid portion of the whey. Yes, as in whey protein. The whey protein that is left is a more concentrated substance which typically gives you 15 -20 grams of protein per serving. Most regular yogurts only contain 5-7 grams of protein per serving. The reason Greek yogurt typically costs more is because more milk is needed to produce it. Some yogurts are high in sugar because of the natural sugar found in the fruit used in the product.


Not all are created equally so please read your labels! Regardless of which you choose, do not choose yogurt with added artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, splenda, aspartame and other fake sugars or cream.

I personally prefer Chobani Yogurt but Trader Joe’s also makes a nice greek yogurt. 


Below is a link to a great (short) article on eating mistakes people make before and after workouts. I think the author gives some good information.

Be Well.

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  1. saidandsung says:

    Thanks for this info, Jana!

    I too like Chobani, but often opt for Trader Joe’s because of the price. I definitely don’t go for the 0% fat ones — I’d rather have a bit of fat and no aspartame.

    And thanks for the pre- and post-workout eating article as well!