Do Sore Muscles = A Good Workout?

Do Sore Muscles = A Good Workout?

I’ve received my share of messages from clients letting me know that they are so sore they can barely sit down to use the potty.My clients have been asked by their significant others why they still get sore after exercising for months or years. Many people believe that eventually you should get used to exercising and that you will no longer get sore.

This is not the case. Muscle soreness is a result of muscles tearing so they can grow and be repaired. Small tears in the muscle are due to pushing your muscles beyond their current state. If you workout and never feel sore, it is a good indication that your body has become accustomed to the workout and that you  need to challenge your muscles.

Now, you do not need to feel so sore that you cannot walk without wincing – sometimes that happens but it shouldn’t always be so awful. And if you workout and don’t feel sore after every single workout – don’t panic. Your workout may have been more geared toward cardiovascular training.

Should I work through the pain? Not necessarily. If you are super sore 24 -48 hours after a workout, you should listen to your body and allow your muscles to finish repairing/healing before working them again. Now, that is not to say you should sit on the couch and do nothing. If your legs are sore you can work upper body and abs and you can still do some cardiovascular work.

After your workout, consuming a little protein within 30 mins has been shown to reduce to onset of muscle soreness.

Be Well.

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