Lift to Lose

Lift to Lose

Lift to Lose

So you’ve realized that cardio alone will not get you to your weight loss goal. You’ve started lifting weights but you don’t want to “bulk up” so you stick with 3lbs or 5lbs well beyond the point where they no longer challenge you. If you can lift your  weights 15 times and the last few are not a struggle, you are not lifting the correct weight. You actually want to fatigue your muscles by the last rep.

Muscle Strength refers to exerting maximum force for a short period of time. Muscle Endurance refers to the ability to so something over and over for an extended period of time.

Both are important to perform daily tasks in life.

While men will increase in size by using heavier weight, women typically do not have the level of testosterone in their body get “bulky.” It is important that you understand that women need to build strength and can do so without looking manly. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day. You also want to do some endurance training so you can sustain your strength and energy through whatever may come your way. 

Example Muscle Strength Training: lifting a heavy weight 1-5 reps. Example of Muscle Strength Training: lifting a moderate weight for 15 reps -20 reps.  Find a happy medium if your goal is a healthy body and not necessarily building mass.

Be Well.

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