Today I heard one of those ridiculous ideas about weight loss that is completely untrue yet for some reason a few people out there are still incredibly mislead.

The idea was that you should only do cardio until you’ve lost the weight you wish to lose and then strength train to add muscle tone.

As I’ve explained before, I base what I post on science; research that has been peer-reviewed and published in professional health journals. I don’t get my info from an over the counter magazine. So, I hope you will listen to the words I write here.

Based on research I did during my master’s program, reviewing countless studies on the benefits of cardiovascular training alone, strength training alone and the combination of the two and their effect on weight loss. The best results were achieved with a combination of the two – overwhelmingly so.

The key to weight loss is raising your RMR (resting metabolic rate). Those are the calories you burn when your body is “at rest”. This is basically when you are not being overly active and includes sleeping, eating, sitting at your desk, etc. Having and building muscle is directly related to raising your RMR. Aerobic exercise such as walking or running on the treadmill, will raise your RMR temporarily. However, as you build muscle, your RMR raises permanently (as long as you don’t lose muscle mass).  Your RMR accounts for the majority of your calorie expenditure each day so it only makes sense on why building muscle is important while you are trying to lose weight. 

The good news is that about 30 mins 2-3 times per week should be sufficient in addition to your cardio and good nutrition.

So please – check your information before you start spouting it as the gospel of weight loss.

Be Well.


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