Fit it In

Fit it In

I don’t have time.  Probably the most common excuse for not working out.

Well I am sorry but you will just have to make time. Get up 15 minutes earlier and do a quickie workout.  Walk during your lunch break. Too tired at night? Guess what, exercise gives you energy so set a timer for 10 minutes and move. Maybe you’ll reset that timer and keep going.

Start small. I don’ t know why we think in all or nothing terms. If you don’t have the time to get to the gym or you only have 20 minutes, 10 minutes, etc, make them count! Something is always better than nothing. You are in control of your time, whether you feel like you are or not. Take control and find at least a few minutes each day to exercise. Eventually it will become habit and you will increase the amount of time you do it. It takes effort. Stop the excuses.


Run up and down stairs

Drop and give me 20 push-ups

Step up and down on a chair or high step

Triceps dips off the couch or chair

Bridges – 2 feet on a ball, chair or couch and lift up and down with hips in the air

Be Well.

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