Slave to the Scale

Slave to the Scale

You hide it under the bed, in the back of the closet, or maybe you are crazy enough to leave it out in plain sight. Wherever it may be lurking, the scale is calling you,

beckoning you to step onto its flat surface and face your fate. Chances are you will step off of it and into the pit of despair. Why oh why do you do this to yourself????

I have never been a scale person. I always say it is best to go by the way you look and fit into your clothes. People often think I am about 15lbs lighter than I actually am because I have a lot of lean mass aka muscle. [let me remind you that muscle and fat weigh the same amount but muscle takes up way less space so if 2 people weigh 130 and one is mostly lean and one is mostly fat they will look very different]. I would much rather look and feel lean than be at a certain # on the scale.

These days I have to get on the scale every 4 weeks and I am supposed to be gaining weight. Every time I approach the scale I feel like I am walking the plank about to jump off into a sea of sharks. I think some women would actually prefer that fate than face the # on the scale. The other day I found myself feeling very down about the weight I am gaining. My husband keeps reminding me that I am making a person and that is what is supposed to happen. Believe me, I’ve counseled lots of women on this very subject and I know this is true. But it is still hard to face this reality.

Why, though? Why does that little number bother us so much? Why are we so conditioned to let a number define us? We know why of course: celebrities, society, etc. Putting my trainer hat back on let me advise you of the following.

DO NOT GET ON THAT SCALE MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK. ALWAYS GET ON THE SCALE AT THE SAME DAY AND TIME. Recognize that hormone levels are always changing, you may be retaining water (start drinking the right amount already!) you may need to eliminate waste (poo). I am not saying that you should avoid the scale altogether. You need to hold yourself accountable and be aware of where you are if you are trying to lose weight. But the stress of the scale and obsessively standing on it every day will do nothing to aid in your weight loss. Stress is a proven factor in weight gain so knock it off. Break free!

Be Well.

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