Portion Reality

Portion Reality

Portion Reality

If you are trying to figure out what a serving of pasta looks like you could easily overestimate the amount. We do not carry measuring cups around so here are some helpful tips to use when you are eating out.

1 cup is about the size of a baseball

1/2 cup is about the size of the round part of a regular light bulb

1oz or 2tbsp is about the size of a golf ball

1 tbsp is about the size of a poker chip (example- pat of butter)

3oz of chicken or meat is about the size of a deck of cards.

3oz of fish is about the size of your checkbook

1 1/2 oz of cheese is about the size of 3 stacked dice

If you go to the following link you can print out a copy of portion sizes and stick it in your wallet so you always have it with you http://img.webmd.com/dtmcms/live/webmd/consumer_assets/site_images/media/pdf/diet/wallet-portion-control-guide.pdf

When you are eating a meal your plate should look like this:

1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch

If you are aware of actual serving sizes, you will likely be reducing your portions and this will be essential to meeting your weight loss goals. Read your labels and measure. Eat the appropriate serving sizes and then wait a bit before you go for a second helping. Our eyes have become much bigger than our stomachs so you will probably find you are full.

Be Well.


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