Portion Distortion

Portion Distortion

Portion Distortion

Portions have gotten bigger over time so it makes sense that so has your waistline. The best change you can make to lose weight is

to reduce your portions to reflect true serving sizes.

In May Starbucks is introducing a new size the Trenta (31 oz) stating that customers have demanded a larger size for their iced coffees.

In the 1960s a hamburger was about 4 oz, fries were 3 oz and a soda was about 10 oz. Today the average hamburger is 7.6 oz, fries are about 7 oz and drinks – super-sized at 32 oz. Still we wonder why we have an obesity epidemic.

A bagel 20 years ago was 1.5 oz. Today it is 5 oz.

It isn’t that carbs are bad. It is that we are out of control.

Read your labels!  BEWARE: One portion of food may contain multiple servings.

You may pick up a bottle of soda or juice and drink it as one portion but if you read the label there may be 2 or more servings in that one portion.

Be savvy and always check the labels. You may think pretzels are a good idea and then you turn over the bag and see that 7 pretzels is a serving. That isn’t a very filling snack. Find a better choice. Get more bang for your buck. Stop blaming and start taking charge of your portions.

Stay tuned for more info on portions.

Be Well.

2 Responses to Portion Distortion

  1. saidandsung says:

    You rock, as always. I love your straight-shooting advice.

    The portion control is probably why so many people I know have success with Weight Watchers. Would you suggest us all buying one of those little scales? Especially someone like me who is such a bad estimator of quantity?

    Thanks again!

    • janabnana says:

      Thanks for the comment! I will be posting a list of helpful comparison measurements for different food. The scale can be helpful. I personally don’t have one. Instead I just use my measuring cups. If there is something that only gives a measurement in ounces, I check out the conversion online so I can properly measure it with my cups or teaspoons.