The toughest part of your workout

The toughest part of your workout

The toughest part of your workout

What is the toughest part of your workout…

Getting motivated to actually do it.

Let’s face it, the workout part of it stinks but once you finish it you look back and are usually glad you did it. The toughest part is actually getting yourself to the gym, the class, on the treadmill, to actually put in that dvd and get up off the couch.

The second toughest part of a workout is pushing yourself to get an efficient and effective workout. I’ve seen it and you’ve seen it – that person in your class or on the treadmill barely working, never breaking a sweat. Just being around fitness equipment doesn’t do the job. You will not see the results you want if you are not willing to push yourself.

People always ask me if P90X is worth investing in. My answer is: are you going to do it? Any workout can be effective IF you actually do it.

Solutions: The reason I teach small group class sessions is because I believe people are more motivated if they pay for something specific and know they will be held accountable. If you pay for a gym membership but don’t actually use it, you could be paying a lot of $ each month for good intentions and no one will typically call you on it.

Personal training – I sometimes only meet with clients once per week or every other week – enough to keep them motivated and accountable. Then they follow a workout plan for the time in between our meetings. 

Workout with a buddy. Make sure it isn’t someone who is easily persuaded by your “let’s go out to lunch instead” suggestions.

I realize that you can join a gym for $10/month rather than pay $50/session for a personal trainer or $7-$10/class in a small studio. However, if you are not motivated enough to get there – then that $10 is wasted money each month and your health goes in the wrong direction. What is your health worth to you?

Be Well.

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