Get Over It

Get Over It

Get Over It

Has this happened to you?

You go to the gym and there is a 30 minute wait for cardio equipment.

You are running late due to traffic, working late, kids, spouse, etc.  and miss the chance to take the class you want.

You plan to go to the gym but then your spouse calls and says he/she will be late or your child is sick so you cannot put them in your gym’s daycare.

You forget your gym clothes.

I could go on but there are a million things that could come up to interfere with the plan you may have made regarding your workout. My suggestion: get over it and change gears.

A lot of people have asked me if I have a birth plan. My answer: “yes, get the baby out.” I am realistic and know that babies don’t always follow the plans we make. This is true of life in general. Sometimes you need to be flexible and creative in order to make the most of the time you have to workout.

If you plan to do 30 minutes on the treadmill and then do abs and go home but there is no cardio equipment available then you shouldn’t sit there reading the latest People. Grab a pair of light weights, find a corner and do jacks while reaching the weights overhead, do quick jabs, shuffle and cross, etc. Or lift weights until the treadmill is available.

If you planned to take a class but the universe is against you and you miss it, don’t pout. Get on a piece of cardio equipment or lift weights. DO something. Do NOT just go home and give up. If you do go home, find a way to get your workout in. Run up and down your stairs, find an old workout dvd – DO something. 

If you are stuck at home that is no excuse. You can still get your workout in. Even if you have no equipment at home or little space to work in you can easily work up a sweat. I have posted a few video workouts on this blog for you to do. Or you can simulate jump roping. Jumping rope for even 5 minutes is better than nothing.

The message: If you are a planner and fall apart when the plan doesn’t workout; have a backup plan. There is NO excuse not to move and get in some sort of exercise.

One Response to Get Over It

  1. saidandsung says:

    I cannot tell you how many times this happens to me! I love your posts because it’s like looking into a mirror of all my excuses:p

    Thank you, Jana, for the tough love. My abs will thank you for it come summertime!