Fat myth busted

Fat myth busted

Fat myth busted

I hear it all the time. You aren’t losing weight and someone says to you “You’ve been working out so your fat is probably turning to muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.”

This is NOT TRUE.

A pound is a pound. If I put 1lb of fat on a scale and 1lb of muscle, they will both weigh 1lb!!! The difference between muscle and fat is the volume. Fat is squishy like jello and takes up more space than muscle. Muscle is more compact and dense and takes up much less space in your body.

If I put 2 people side by side who both weigh 150lbs, they may look totally different. One may be more muscular than the other and therefore look much thinner. 

Plus fat does not magically turn into muscle. These are two completely different tissues in your body. Fat cells can grow and divide, stay as is or shrink.  It all depends on the amount of calories you consume.

Muscle will grow if it is stimulated beyond what it is used to. That is why you must continue to challenge your muscles by changing up your workouts. The most important part of muscle growth is that it stimulates your metabolism and you burn more calories!

Excuse busted: “I don’t belong to a gym so I cannot weight train.”

Your body is a great tool for building muscle. You can preform bodyweight exercises like push-ups, triceps dips, hip raises, lunges, squats, etc to improve strength and stimulate your metabolism. You can also buy a set of weights and workout at home.

I recommend speaking to a nutrition counselor or trainer who understands how to calculate the right amount of calories you need to consume. I do this for my clients and offer this service. If you are interested in my nutrition counseling services, please contact me.

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