Running Nowhere

Running Nowhere

Running Nowhere

Running seems like the ultimate weight loss tool. But if you have been running an not losing weight – here is some advice to get the most burn for your buck. 

1. Change it up. Running at a steady pace on a flat road will often cause your body to become very efficient at burning calories. This is a good thing if you are competing in a marathon. This is not going to give you the most calorie burn if your goal is weight loss.

The pace and terrain makes a difference in the results of your calorie burn.

According to Dr. Jana Klauer, a research fellow St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City who was recently featured in Women’s Health Magazine, you can add about a 10% increase in calorie burn for each degree of incline. That would means that running at a 5% incline, you would burn 50% more calories than running on a flat road. Dr. Klauer has some great advice if you’d like to read her article in the magazine

2. Cross Train. Strength training will help you build muscle which will  increase your metabolism as well as prevent injury so you do not have to take time off from running. You may even increase your speed and endurance. Weight training, yoga, pilates, swimming and cycling are a few ideas of ways to cross train

3. Eat to lose. You cannot expect to lose weight if you do not participate in a healthy eating lifestyle. If you feel hopelessly lost about what you should be eating, how much, etc, I would recommend seeking the guidance of a Registered Dietitian. In one or two visits an RD can give you the guidance you need to get on the right nutrition track. To find an RD near you, visit: . I highly recommend visiting their FAQ page which will give you lots of info on RDs.

Be Well.

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