Yesterday I had a piece of chocolate. Not just any piece. I had one piece of Ghirardelli caramel chocolate. I do not waste my calories on the stuff found in most trick-or-treat bags. Only the good stuff because I don’t indulge in it often.

Why am I telling you this? One- its important that you know that I am human and every so often I do indulge. Two- I want you to notice that I had ONE piece of chocolate and enjoyed it immensely and then went on my merry way. I am able to have one piece of chocolate, one cookie, etc and walk away. What about you? Are you an all or nothing kind of person? Let’s discuss.

If you are finding yourself overindulging in sugary things this winter, you may need an intervention. ________ (insert your name), I care about you and your health and no longer want sugar to ruin your waist line and run your life. Will you seek help today?

I deserve it! I had a hard day so I deserve this bag of candy. I am feeling down today so I need this big bowl of ice cream. Sound familiar?

First let’s figure out why you are craving the sugar. Are you bored? Are you hungry? Are you tired? Are you stressed? Are you feeling down?    Either write it down or mentally take notes and figure out what the triggers are.

Sugar is usually an emotional craving as it raises your serotonin levels. So once you know the trigger, you can try to substitute the craving with an activity that satisfies the emotional craving other than eating sugar  (or anything else).

Once you know why you crave it and decide on the alternative, you can start to cleanse your body of it. All you need to do is stop eating food with added sugar. This doesn’t include fruit which has natural sugar in it. I am just talking about the food with added sugar. I know, not so easy but you CAN do it. Set a goal to do it for 1 week. That is less daunting than 30 days. Chances are by then you will be able to continue. The goal is to get to the point where you can control your indulgences. Have one- enjoy the taste and step away from the cookie jar.

You need to get past the point where the sugar controls you and where you are in control again.

Contact me for ideas on activities to substitute sugar cravings.

Be Well!

Candy Love

My husband confessed his love to me one day in candy

One Response to Confession

  1. saidandsung says:

    Oh-so-awesome to know that you had a piece of the carmel goodness you so love! And what great advice you give. Indulge in the good stuff — just a taste of it — and move on.

    I rarely find myself craving candy anymore — it’s become a once-in-a-while rather than a commute-saver like it used to be. Could you share in another blog post the activities to substitute for sugar cravings? I will totally tweet about it!

    Most of all, thank you for showing us you’re human. We love you even more.