The Perfect Excuse

The Perfect Excuse

The Perfect Excuse

*Disclaimer: As you begin to read this you may think this post does not pertain to you but I encourage you to read it and understand that my wrath knows no limits when it comes to excuses not to exercise.

You are pregnant. Congratulations!

Gone are the times when it was encouraged to sit around like you are about to hatch an egg. Exercise and healthy nutrition is important to your health and the health of that little alien inside you.

I know you are thinking – easy for me to say, right? Well guess what. I am pregnant too! So whamo – I got ya there.

Trust me, I know what you are going through. Yes, pregnancy is a glorious thing but sometimes you may think you’ve taken a wrong turn into suckville when the smell of cheese makes you heave and you are so exhausted you can barely stand to shower.

But exercise can actually give you a little energy and those heightened serotonin levels will make you feel happy again – at least for a little while.

You don’t have to run a marathon. You can attend a prenatal yoga class, a body sculpt class, zumba, indoor cycling, swimming, go for a walk,  etc. Make sure you tell your instructor that you are pregnant and please listen to your body!

If you have been exercising prior to pregnancy, you should continue doing what you’ve been doing until it becomes uncomfortable. In your second and third trimester, avoid exercises on your back or stomach.

If you were not exercising pre-pregnancy, I suggest hiring a trainer that is certified in prenatal fitness to design an appropriate program for you (I have done this for many women so feel free to contact me).

But always check with your OB as they know you and your situation as there are some pregnancy conditions where exercise is contraindicated.


Exercise can relieve some of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Exercise has been linked in several studies to easier delivery (it all comes down to muscle endurance).

Exercise can keep your heart in shape and prevent diabetes throughout your pregnancy.

Exercise can make you feel better about your expanding body and keep the weight gain in the recommended range set by your doctor.

Stay hydrated – we pregos need lots of water so never leave home without it!

Don’t expect to exercise at the same intensity. You are producing more blood which can cause you to get a little light headed at times so be careful. Also, you have less oxygen available so modify your cardio as needed.

BTW: This is not a time to eat ice cream morning noon and night. Please, for the health of you and your baby, please try to eat some whole grains, fruits and veggies when you are feeling well enough. For more information on this or to get pregnancy fitness tips, contact me! Another excuse debunked!

My little invader at 12 weeks.

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