Losing That New Year’s Resolution Motivation?

Losing That New Year’s Resolution Motivation?


I know, for a lot of us its cold, dark and did I mention cold? Tough to get out of bed let alone set the alarm to get up early to get a workout in. Those good intentions of stopping at the gym on the way home? Something conveniently keeps coming up.

Here are a few tools that may help you stay on track:



This is a good one. On this site you set your goal, you can then set a monetary penalty if you do not meet your weekly goal. You can choose a referee who keeps you honest (a friend,coworker or spouse). Then you choose a recipient who will receive any money you lose if you do not keep your goal. If your goal is weight loss, you will set a realistic goal and each week you will check in. The website is very clear to understand so I won’t go into great detail. I will mention that your recipient can be anyone or you can choose from their charities or anti-charities. That means you could really motivate yourself by choosing a charity against your beliefs. I recommend challenging a friend, spouse, etc and choosing each other as recipients for a little friendly competition. ( You do not have to set a monetary penalty).

Habit Forge


According to this site, it takes 21 days to break a habit. Whatever your habit may be, once you register on this site, you will receive an email every day checking in with you regarding your success or set back. Once you’ve gone 21 consecutive days, you should be free of that habit.

Still Tasty


Wondering if it’s still safe to eat those leftovers? This site will help you determine the shelf life of food, how long leftovers can stay edible, the best way to store your food, how accurate expiration dates are and more. It is a very helpful site.

Self Nutrition Data


If you are trying to keep track of your calorie intake but do a lot of home cooking, you can go to this site and click on Analyze Recipe to determine the calorie intake based on the ingredients you use in the recipe.  You can save ingredients to make it faster each time you visit if you use them frequently.

And then there are plenty of Free or low cost apps for your phone that can help you.

Here is a link to the top ten free iphone apps for weight loss:


Blackberries also have some great fitness apps like iFit, fitdeck, gymtechnik, weight loss sensei, weight loss assistant (free).

Tomorrow is a new day.Make sure you lay out your workout clothes the night before. Then, pull back the covers and start your fitness regime by jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom to get dressed – it’s usually the warmest room in the house 🙂

Be Well.

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